Bitumen Vg 30


VG 30 bitumen is the popular bitumen in India. Indian importers favor this bitumen as its effectiveness in road construction in India has been proven. VG 30 grade bitumen is also used for asphalt roads in India.

Due to its good heat sensitivity, we use the VG30 in areas with higher temperatures. VG-30 bitumen is also suitable for use in hot and rainy weather in place of bitumen permeation grades. The more viscous the bitumen is, the less likely it is to be affected by water.

30 In VG 30, bitumen refers to the viscosity range [(100 + – 20) * 30] according to Poise. For bitumen grade VG 30, the minimum viscosity at 60°C is calculated as follows: 80 * 30 = 2400 Poise. The maximum viscosity is also calculated by this formula 120 * 30 = 3600 poises.

The difference between bitumen VG10 and VG-30 lies in their degree of viscosity. VG30 bitumen is more viscous than bitumen VG 10 and therefore performs better in road construction in hot regions.

VG 30 or 60/70?

VG30 bitumen looks like 60/70 degrees of penetration; However, its physical properties, viscosity range and performance are completely different.

In many applications, especially road construction, VG30 bitumen has been shown to perform more efficiently than 60/70 pen grade bitumen at different temperatures. Bitumen VG30 can be recognized from the penetration level of bitumen 60/70, only by reference to the results of standardized tests. To make sure that you are not purchasing bitumen 60/70 instead of bitumen VG30, we recommend that you carefully check the test results and see if your bitumen absolute viscosity and penetration value are within zero (the absolute viscosity of VG 30 should be 2400 holes and the penetration value should be between 50 and 70). We not only checked the test results of the VG30, but also measured the characteristics of the bitumen drum before loading. With the cooperation of SGS inspectors, we perform extremely careful sampling and testing of bitumen VG30 and send the results to the customer.


Bitumen VG 30

No.AnalysisLimitTest Method
1Absolute Viscosity @60 ºC, PoisesMin. 2400IS 1206 (Part 2)
2Kinematic Viscosity @135 ºC, cstMin. 350IS 1206 (Part 3)
3Flash Point (Cleveland Open Cup) ºCMin. 220IS 1209
4Solubility in Trichloroethylene, %Min. 99IS 1206
5Softening Point (R&B), ºCMin. 47IS 1205
6Penetration @25ºC, 0.1mm 100g, 5 Sec.50-70IS 1203
Tests on Residue from Thin Film Oven Tests / RTFOT
7Viscosity Ratio @60ºCMax. 4.0IS 1206 (Part 2)
8Ductility @25̊ ºC, Cm, after thin film oven testMin. 40IS 1208
9Specific Gravity@27/27 ºCMin 0.99IS 1202

Usage: Bitumen VG-30 is especially used to construct extra heavy duty bitumen pavements to tolerate heavy traffic loads. It is recommended for road construction where extra heavy traffic is expected.