Power to Commodities

We trade physical commodities worldwide mainly Petrochemicals and Food.

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Why Us?

Why Choose Ehrlich Trading Company?

“Ehrlich” name comes from German language which means Sincere, Honest & Determined. We aspire to be as sincere, honest and determined as possible in all our business activities. We are supported by German investors who are founding member of UAE – GERMANY Chamber of commerce. Germany has the world’s fourth-largest economy and is the powerhouse in the European economy, being featured as the largest in the European Union. The country is a major hub for business in Europe. German culture standards and values are central to doing good business.

Hence working with Ehrlich Trading will always bring you best of trade information, knowledge and commercials possible globally. Every enquiry is worked upon with extreme sincerity by providing deep knowledge of subject matter. Punctuality is key, Our team will reply within 24 Hrs of enquiry registered. Realistic Commercials are vital for trading business, hence our pricing is curated for customer buying feasibility.

Looking forward to serve with our best.

National Top Trading Company

Consistently ranked among the top trading firms across the MENA Region.

98% Client Satisfaction Achieved

Dedicated to providing personal attention to all our clients.

$108M+ Trade

We take pride in closing deals and delivered timely.

About Us

Our Global Network

ET proudly represents the United Arab Emirates through its presence at the United Kingdom, India, Singapore and Malaysia. Our 20 year old network for 2 generations has build a strong syndicate to manage the activities. GCC has been very kind for us to manage trade efficiently across the continents.

Join the Global Economy

Economy is all about money generation. We at ET enable business to exchange goods and services in safest, easiest and reasonable rates. Our group of trade house consortium helps us to stand out as premium trade partner for various commodities. Our aim has been always to support our clients with utmost confidence once could have while dealing.


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