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Welcome To Ehrlich Trading

Ehrlich Trading is headquartered in Dubai and we support our customers with products that are required to be sourced in large quantities. Our minimum order begins from 5000 metric tons. We have shipped up to 50,000 metric tons of products at a time. Given this experience, we have shipped through TEUs break bulk and bulk vessels around the globe. We at The Ehrlich believe in cherishing relationships to empower business. Our connection with various industrialists and passion to find opportunities has always helped us to achieve success.

Ehrlich Trading believes in building relationships and giving success to our customers in their sourcing which ultimately helps them to serve their own customers in the region. We aspire to be the largest trading company in the region. Hence, we welcome all suggestions, comment and emails related to trading to support the community.

Mainly we trade in Petrochemicals and Food Commodities, however, any related requirements are welcome for discussion.

Our Global Network

ET proudly represents the United Arab Emirates through its presence at the United Kingdom, India, Singapore and Malaysia. Our 20 year old network for 2 generations has build a strong syndicate to manage the activities. GCC has been very kind for us to manage trade efficiently across the continents.

Join the Global Economy

Economy is all about money generation. We at ET enable business to exchange goods and services in safest, easiest and reasonable rates. Our group of trade house consortium helps us to stand out as premium trade partner for various commodities. Our aim has been always to support our clients with utmost confidence once could have while dealing.